“Frederik has been writing articles for our blog since February 2019. The job required him to learn and follow an extensive style guide, deliver well-researched long-form content, and work directly within our WordPress environment to get the articles ready for publication.

Working with Frederik has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. He learned the ropes quickly and consistently delivered his work on time. Frederik’s articles were always polished and ready for publication, typically requiring only minor edits (if any).

Frederik clearly does his research prior to writing: His posts are well structured and sufficiently backed up by external sources. He also has a knack for visual layout, so his articles are easily skimmable and use lots of headings, bullet lists, images, and spacing to break up the flow.

When it comes to speed of output, Frederik is a machine. He’s capable of producing lots of content quickly without sacrificing quality. He’s a self-starter who’s equally comfortable following a detailed article outline and going on as little as just a post title or focus keyword.

In the few cases where his deliveries require further work or adjustments, Frederik always responds positively to constructive feedback and makes sure to deliver according to our expectations.

Beyond all of that, Frederik doesn’t treat his deliveries as “just another task to get off the ‘to do’ list.” He asks questions about our business and proactively comes up with suggestions for article topics and marketing ideas.

With Frederik, you’re not just hiring a writer, you’re hiring a truly involved member of your content team.

Over the years, I’ve worked with a few dozen content writers on Upwork and Fiverr. I can say with absolute certainty that Frederik is a rare find.”

The quality of work that I deliver to my clients has earned me the “Top Rated” status on Upwork. Your experience working with me will always be top-notch!

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