The people you want to reach are bombarded with advertisements every waking moment.

Most of these ads tell them to click here, subscribe to this, or buy that.

It’s white noise. So they tune it out.

If you want your product or service to stand out, then you need to tap into the emotional triggers that motivate your ideal customers to act.

You need to know their deepest desires and their most dreaded fears. You need someone who can communicate how your business will improve their lives.

That’s where I come in.

Who am I?

My name is Frederik Nielsen and I’m a content marketer. My job is to help you attract the right people to your business and turn them into loyal customers.

I do that by learning as much as I can about your target audience, your competition, and the market you’re in. Then I apply that knowledge to create content that converts.

How does it work?

Publishing content blindly without a specific goal will get you nowhere, so we start by looking at the big picture and putting together a solid content strategy.

I’ll ask you to fill out a copy brief where you’ll tell me a bit about your company, your customers, and what you offer them in terms of products or services.

Once we’ve established what makes you different from your competitors, we can put together the right message and choose an appropriate medium.

That could be…

  • Website content
  • Blog posts
  • Landing pages
  • Email newsletters
  • E-books
  • Social media ads
  • Infographics

… or anything else that we know will grab the attention of your future customers.

Let’s get the ball rolling

Head over to my Services page to see some of the work I do, or look at some of the nice words my clients have said about me on my Testimonials page.

Then get in touch by filling out the form on my Contact page, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your project.

Speak soon!